MindTouch Encounters

MindTouch is a method of connection and meditation through touch that integrates Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy with psycho-emotional techniques.

A technique that gives us the tools to awaken the inner wisdom in each of us and gives us a clear and concise way of how to deal with our fears and insecurities, in addition to our physical and emotional pains.

Who are these meetings for?

  • If you have already done some MindTouch training, you can enjoy continuous learning, deepen your practice and share your doubts and experiences with colleagues.

  • If you have never enjoyed a MindTouch session, allow yourself to receive and learn this technique that will give you strength, connection and clarity in your day to day.

These are practical meetings that will allow to create a safe and familiar environment in the company of restless souls like you. Each week you can manifest your full potential and work those parts of you that need attention, care and listening. In every session we will learn and practice technique to reinforce each of the three main communication centers: 


Abundance, survival, physical trauma and identity.


Emotional trauma, feeling enough, relationships and connection.


Mental clarity, communication, intuition and purpose of life.


Centro Oxígeno Emocional

Carrer de Roger 65, 1a planta, 08028 Barcelona



Every Wednesday from 6.30pm to 8.00pm 


  • 1 session 15€

  • 1 month package 45€ (4 sessions)

Sign up

WhatsApp: (+34) 619 182 321

Email: info@lourdesaldanondo.com 


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