MindTouch® Practitioner

Certificate Course

How long

12 sessions of 3 hours


Heilpraktiker Institut Barcelona


When does it start




Thursday from 5pm to 8.30pm - From 11/21/19 to 2/27/20


To whom it is addressed

To all those people who, without previous knowledge, is willing to learn the Mindtouch technique and, also, to those who are already professionals and have an interest in expanding their therapeutic practice.



To register contact the Heilpraktiker Institut at 932 155 060 or by email: ins registrations@heilpraktiker.es


What qualification you get

At the end of the course, academic certification is issued if you have passed it.

This course is taught in Spanish

Course description

MindTouch® is a form of physical Mindfulness that integrates the main concepts of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy with body and psycho-emotional techniques. An experience that invites you to connect with your inner and to tune in with others through contact and accompaniment. It helps you remember the power you have in your hands and the importance of connection through mindfulness. It is a holistic reset.

Improves the quality of life by relieving muscle, joint pain and calming the nervous system. In addition to imbalances caused by stress such as anxiety, insomnia, headaches or digestive problems. Find the root of the problem by helping to change limiting beliefs and negative patterns that affect your well-being. It allows you to reconnect with your personal power and learn to use it in difficult times.



MindTouch® is divided into three areas:

  • Reconnect with your personal power:

    • Become aware of your midline.

    • Learn to relate to the "Breath of Life."

    • Contact the "Primary Breathing Mechanism".

  • How to favor harmonic resonance:

    • Biodynamic forces and Biokinetic forces.

    • Inertial fulcrums.

    • Synchronize frequencies.

  • Your hands know how to listen:

    • Do not be afraid of your hands! We all know how to play.

    • Learn to relate and integrate the three centers of attention: head, heart and core.

    • Learn to relax your entire body and treat the CNS with practical and effective manual techniques.


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