Retreat: You Are Enough



L'Hort de la Riera, casa de retiros.


From Friday, May 22 to Sunday, May 24.



Early bird price: 260 €

Price without offer: 295 €

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This retreat is in Spanish

Retreat description


How do we complicate life, right? Have you ever heard that inner voice that tells you that you are not smart, good, successful, handsome, rich, smart, slim, leader enough. The list is endless.

And do you think you have to accomplish this alone? Couldn't be farther from the truth! We remember that we are enough when we let ourselves feel and connect with others. When we feel that we aren't alone, and that we are part of a whole.


In our retreats we undertake a journey through the three energy centers of the body: INSTINCT, HEART and MIND, and we discover the resources we have to tune in to the change we want.

We draw a path of life that helps us connect with each of the centers, we learn to update them, to return to our middle line and to remember our personal power.

We are nourished by the energy of nature in an idyllic environment and we enjoy a healthy and balanced diet. A family environment is created, safe and unconditionally supportive.

L'Hort de la Riera is a spectacular, comfortable and cozy space fully prepared to accompany us on our adventure.

  • We practice Mindfulness and active meditations.

  • We enjoy forest baths and conscious walks.

  • We learn tools to deal with stress.

  • We connect with our creativity and our inner child through playful coaching.

  • We learn a body sequence to align the three energy centers through MindTouch®.


What will be the benefits?

  • Open your eyes a clear path to heal your life.

  • Leaving behind limiting behavior patterns.

  • Learn tools to eliminate stress, anxiety and anguish.

  • Connect with your personal power.

  • Remember your illusion for life.

  • Recharge energy and dare to change.

  • Allow yourself to reinvent yourself and feel your truth.

In the price of the retreat it is all included: stay, food, workshops and activities. And above all... eager to enjoy and share. You just have to bring comfortable clothes and want to be pampered accompanied by souls like you.


Do not miss the opportunity to give yourself this experience and feel that you ARE ENOUGH to create your life.


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